Martin Rizley (Missionary)

Martin Rizley has served as an elder at Texarkana Reformed Baptist Church (TRBC) since 2003. Martin grew up in Houston, Texas, having come to faith in Christ through the witness of high school friends. In 1983, Martin Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English from Trinity University. From there he pursued studies at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi, graduating in 1988 with his Master of Divinity in Missions.

A few years later Martin moved to Spain, working almost three and a half years as a church-planting missionary with Worldwide Evangelization for Christ. Following this he worked as a school teacher in Texas, until he returned to Spain in 1998. Martin began working as a local church evangelist in Alcazar de San Jaun with the European Missionary Fellowship (EMF), wherein he met his wife, Paola Lorefice, the daughter of Reformed Baptist missionaries in Sicily who were also working with EMF.

Following the death of his brother Max in 2001, Martin had a growing burden for his aging parents and began to pray for guidance regarding a possible move to Texas. It was then that Jimmy DeMoss contacted Martin about the need for another elder at TRBC. In May of 2003 Martin, Paola, and their daughter Melody, moved to Texarkana in response to a prospective call to serve on the eldership of TRBC. Most recently, Martin has begun to preach the gospel weekly on the program “Grace Abounding,” a radio ministry of TRBC.

In his spare time, Martin enjoys swimming, reading, listening to classical music, writing poetry, and watching old movies.