Ray Johnson

Raymond (Ray) Johnson is 49 years old, married, and has two grown children.  He served four years in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and is a Registered Nurse.  He is currently a tire builder at Cooper Tire and Rubber Company here in Texarkana.  He has worked for Cooper for the past 24 years.

 Ray has many interests.  He is an avid bow-hunter and fisherman.  He enjoys reading, especially Christian history.  He also likes movies, particularly the old black and white movies.  And he is a Dallas Cowboys fan, and of course likes to watch them play on TV.

 Ray had a dramatic conversion experience.  He confesses that he was involved in various immoral and illegal activities, which eventually landed him in prison.  In September 1988, while in jail, the Lord opened his heart and mind and granted him repentance unto life and faith in Jesus Christ.  Ray’s life was forever changed.  He and his wife had been divorced for three years, but after he became a Christian and was released from prison he was remarried to Lisa, his forgiving and beautiful wife.

 He was ordained to the deaconate in March of 1995.  Ray has been involved in a prison ministry since the year 2000.  He visits as well as writes numerous letters monthly to inmates. Also, as a ministry of TRBC, sends good books to inmates in prisons throughout the state of Texas.

 The church is a huge part of Ray’s life.  He is not planning on going anywhere and hopes that he will be able to serve as a deacon as long as he is needed and the Lord gives him the strength.